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BC jobs and employment opportunities are as diverse as the area’s geography and climate, which is actually Canada’s mildest. BC is known for its tourism, IT and natural resources industries such as mining, forestry and fisheries. Trade with Asian and other international markets is a constantly increasing part of the area’s economy, increasing the demand to fill trade, logistics, transportation and other related business services and IT jobs. B.C. is home to many of the world’s mining companies who often employ administrative staff in Vancouver who manage operations and mining jobs in Canada other countries around the world.

The B.C. Labour Market Outlook (2010–2020) Paper indicates trades and construction jobs,
transportation and equipment operators, health occupations and medical jobs, as well as sales and service sector jobs and finance and administration jobs are among those with the largest number of predicted job openings in British Columbia. The same report states “1,027,400 job openings are expected for B.C. over the ten-year period” and “Throughout the forecast period, growth in the demand for workers is expected to outpace growth in the supply of workers. This will lead to an estimated shortage of 61,500 workers by 2020.” The full report may be obtained here.

The demand for employees is expected to grow most in the Northeast region of the province, which has the majority of B.C.’s oil jobs. This will be closely followed by the Southwest Coastal region including Metro Vancouver, B.C.’s main financial and commercial centre, and the City of Victoria, the provincial capital which has a large number of people working employed by the government and support industries.

About 65% of BC’s population of roughly 4.5 million inhabitants is located in the southwest corner of the province on its Pacific coast. The province’s size and geographic diversity provide natural boundaries for its vibrant tourism industry’s six distinct tourism districts. A 2007 report of B.C. tourism jobs found that a total of 232,700 people are working in air transportation, accommodations, hotel, restaurant, entertainment and recreational tourism jobs.


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