Alberta Jobs

The availability of jobs in Alberta is closely related to the ups and downs of Alberta’s huge petrochemical industry (see Oil Jobs), energy and mining sectors. Alberta has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada. The Province of Alberta is said to have the world’s second largest known oil reserves. If you want to work in the oil industry, especially if you have experience as a heavy equipment mechanic, engineer, welder, pipe-fitter, truck driver or as a skilled labourer in a related field, you may want to investigate the opportunities for jobs in Alberta’s oil fields.

Alberta has what many have described as Canada’s most pro-business environment. The province is known for it’s high demand for skilled workers, and that demand attracts people from across Canada and around the world. The results are a vibrant economy, rapidly growing cities and related infrastructure, further fueling the need to fill construction jobs, supervisor jobs and service industry jobs including retail jobs and hospitality jobs in hotels and restaurants.

Qualified medical professionals to fill medical jobs are in great demand. The western part of the province borders the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where there are strong tourism, golf and ski industries which employ workers in tourism-related jobs, often on a seasonal basis.

Alberta offers its residents and newcomers a tax advantage as the only Canadian province that does not impose a sales tax on consumers. Alberta has a total population of almost 4 million people. Each of Alberta’s two major cities–Calgary (see Calgary Jobs) and Edmonton (see Edmonton Jobs)–have about 1 million inhabitants.

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