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What Kinds of Jobs are Available in Victoria, British Columbia?

A great number of Victoria jobs are held by workers in Government, Tourism, Hospitality, Business Services and IT Jobs. As the capital city of British Columbia, many provincial government jobs are based in Victoria. Employment in hotels and restaurants are a positive result of Victoria’s vibrant tourism sector.

Smaller technology firms also play a major role in the Victoria job market, with over 13,000 employees, mostly in IT jobs with Internet and software development businesses careers. The military and higher education facilities also employ over 30,000 people. Victoria is known as one of Canada’s preferred retirement destinations, mostly because of its temperate climate and calm lifestyle. There are also many health care, caregiver and medical jobs in the area.

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Bright future for Vancouver Island jobs

Victoria is located in the southern section of Vancouver Island, off Canada’s west coast, and covers an area slightly larger than Belgium and slightly smaller than the Netherlands. Victoria has a population of more than 360,000 inhabitants. Another 400,000 people live on the northern part of the island. Many have employment with pulp and paper mills, lumber and forestry products companies, as well as in fisheries or in mining jobs.

This Video explores Vancouver Island, its industry and work opportunities:

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