Newfoundland Jobs

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Over the past decade there has been a major hiring increase due to activity in the province’s energy and resources sector resulting in increased job opportunities in the mining, oil and gas industries. This has lead to more permanent employment and the strengthening of the overall provincial economy. The paper mill in Corner Brook, NL is one of that area’s major employer.

Plans are being pursued to expand Newfoundland’s massive offshore Hibernia Oil Field which provides an estimated 20,000 workers with jobs, both directly and indirectly through supporting industries. If you want to work in the oil industry, especially if you have experience as a heavy equipment mechanic, engineer, welder, pipe-fitter or as a skilled labourer in a related field, you may want to investigate job opportunities in Newfoundland’s Hibernia Oil Field.

The province has traditionally held one of the highest temporary employment rates in Canada, largely due to seasonal employment in fisheries and fish processing, Newfoundland’s largest manufacturing employer, as well as construction jobs. This led many of Newfoundland’s workers to seek employment in other Canadian provinces. Many have also returned to enjoy the province’s calm lifestyle and relatively low cost of living and housing.

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