High Demand Jobs Canada

Jobs in the greatest demand in Canada include jobs in the following sectors:

High Demand Jobs in Canada, Overview

Canada is one of the greatest countries in the world. Well, at least we think so, anyway! This vast land mass is home to some of the most advanced institutions and metropolitan areas in the world. It is also home to some of the most beautiful, tranquil outdoor spaces on the globe. The country’s tremendous variety in terms of landscapes, cultures and populations translates into a need for workers in all manner of industries, each required to ensure that those functions vital to the well-being of the country are being addressed. Canada relies on its citizens to perform important duties which are necessary for the survival and success of the country. There is a need for workers in various occupations, across a number of industries and sectors to fill jobs from forestry jobs to finance to hospitality jobs and medical jobs, just to name a few.

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Canada holds the distinction of being the second-largest country in the world by land mass. It is the largest country in North America and the most northerly of the two countries it shares the continent with, Mexico and United States of America. These three countries also share a major free trade act named NAFTA, North American Free Trade Act.

Canada is a democratic, multicultural society that values individual rights and freedoms.

Who Works in Canada?

In Canada’s major cities, you will find people of all races and ethnicities succeeding in all types of industries and occupations. It is, in part, the ability of Canadian citizens from all walks of life to work together, that makes this country so great and its workforce one of the strongest in the entire world.

Canada’s Job Market and Economy

Canada is a member of the G8, which is made up of the top eight industrialized Nations. It also holds membership in the G20. Although there has been a slowing of the local economy since its most recent peak in 2007, of all the G8 Nations Canada is said to have performed the best throughout this very severe, and in some places, ongoing global financial downturn.

Canada has a strong and stable currency, the Canadian Dollar. In recent years, the Canadian currency has increased significantly in value in relation to the United States’ Dollar. Some of the country’s companies are taking advantage of this development and heading to the United States to acquire U.S. assets. This bodes well for Canadian citizens because it translates into more jobs. “A stronger Canadian dollar relative to the U.S. dollar will make cross-border acquisitions more attractive, as will a greater availability of debt and equity financing,” explains Tina Kremmidas, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce’s chief economist (Canadian’s Dollar).

There are three levels of government in Canada; National, Provincial and Municipal. Each has its own responsibility to provide those services necessary to ensure the proper running of the territories under their care and also to the populations who live there. The National, Provincial and Municipal governments each employ a sizeable staff which works to effectively and efficiently deliver those services.

Canada’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is approximately 1.7 Trillion U.S. Dollars.

With a population of approximately 35 million, the country’s per capita GDP is approximately $50,000, and the average income of full time employees is between $45,000 and $50,000 per annum.

Canada is largely a resource-based economy, while much of the developing world is hungry for resources. The resource sector is one of the major economic drivers of the Canadian economy and its workforce.

Among Canada’s vast resource based industries are the Tourism & Hospitality sector as well as the Medical sector. On JobsinCanada.com, and in this High Demand Jobs section, you’ll learn about Canada’s impressive number of Mining, Petroleum and Engineering job opportunities.

Tourism and Hospitality Jobs in Canada

The Tourism and Hospitality sector in Canada is in need of qualified people to fill management positions as well as entry-level to mid-level jobs in hotels, restaurants and resorts throughout the country. These types of jobs are in high demand, partially because Canada is one of the most visited countries in the world and has an active, mobile population. Workers are, thus, being hired every day to service local, domestic and international guests. These types of jobs are available to those from a variety of employment backgrounds and education levels. If you are a qualified and experienced hotel manager, restaurant manager, chef or cook with good references, there are likely to be a good number of opportunities available for you to pursue. The service sector in Canada is a major employer, often in need of presentable people with excellent communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to deal effectively with clientele. more

Medical, Nurse and Caregiver Jobs in Canada

Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nursing Jobs in Canada are some of the country’s highest demand medical jobs. Well-trained and skilled nursing professionals are needed in hospitals and medical facilities throughout the country. Other high demand medical jobs in Canada include rehabilitation medicine, surgeons, social work and welfare, dental hygienist and assistants, health and medical laboratory technology (In Demand Jobs). Nuclear medicine, radiation therapy and radiographers are needed as well. more

When considering employment in either the medical, tourism or hospitality sectors, it is extremely important to find a job that fits your lifestyle, skill level and education. Each employer will have their own requirements that prospective employees must meet. In today’s technologically savvy era, it is common practice for Canadian businesses to advertise and place employment opportunities online on websites like JobsinCanada.com where you can easily access them.