Edmonton Jobs

Jobs in Edmonton revolve around the city’s position as a major hub for many of Alberta’s oil jobs. Edmonton’s supply and service industries feed Alberta’s vibrant oil industry, and the city is at the heart of Alberta’s Northern petrochemical sector, which also supports IT, technical, research and development activities.

Many of Edmonton’s petroleum and energy industry careers include jobs for oil and gas drilling supervisors, engineers, welders, heavy duty mechanics, heavy equipment operators and truck drivers. Many of those jobs involve working in or travelling to many of the active oil-producing communities around Alberta, especially Fort McMurray, which is located a five-hour drive north and east of Edmonton.

This “Edmonton Economic Development” video provides a great overview of opportunities in Edmonton:

Historically, the high demand for workers in the petrochemical sector has depleted the talent pool that other sectors draw from, which has created intense demands for chefs, cooks, servers and supervisors, looking for employment with the hospitality-industry in hotel and restaurant jobs, as well as other service sector jobs.

Edmonton is the capital city of the Province of Alberta. Edmonton’s metropolitan area is home to over one million inhabitants. Other major employers in Edmonton include Telus (Telecommunications), Intuit Canada, Canadian Western Bank, General Electric, and Stantec Inc.. The Alberta Provincial government and the University of Alberta are also major employers in the region.

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