Ontario Jobs

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Approximately 79% of Ontario jobs are in the services sector, and 21% of Ontario jobs are in the goods-producing sector. The GTA (Greater Toronto Area) is Canada’s largest economic centre and the third-largest financial centre in North America.

About 5.3 million employees, or 79% of all Ontario jobs, are found in the services sector which includes administrative jobs and IT jobs with financial services companies, medical jobs with hospitals and health care facilities, as well as bus and truck driving jobs with transportation companies. The services sector also includes jobs in the hospitality industry which employs over 400,000 people, or almost 6% of the workforce, as supervisors, cooks, chefs, servers and other employees in hotels and restaurants.

The goods-producing sector provides manufacturing jobs which provide jobs to more than 11% of Ontario’s workforce, and construction jobs, which amount to almost 7%. Manufacturing jobs in Canada are mostly concentrated in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and the communities and cities along Highway 401 in southern Ontario, where about half of Canada’s manufacturing industries are based. Since 2008, the demand for manufacturing employees in Ontario has softened probably more than any other sector in Canada, which overall continues to enjoy a relatively strong job market when compared to the world’s other developed countries.