Construction Jobs

Who Works in Construction Jobs?

For some individuals, a job that requires that they work from a desk all day simply won’t cut it. There are certain persons that need to work with their hands. The physicality of a job appeals to them. For these persons, an excellent sector to get into is construction.

An estimated 750,000 people are employed in Construction Jobs in Canada (Encyclopedia Canada). Throughout each of the provinces across Canada, construction workers and trades people are engaged in commercial, residential, industrial and municipal construction projects of all sizes and all types.

Because of the forward-moving and progressive nature of Canada, the construction trades in the country are a major employment sector. As new buildings, homes, roads and bridges need to be either built or repaired, construction workers of all types are needed.

How is Canada’s Construction Workforce Changing?

See this Urban Futures video to get insights into changes in the demographics of the Canadian construction industry.

What Kinds of Construction Jobs are Most in Demand in Canada?

Many of the most in-demand jobs in Canada are those for skilled construction trade and engineer workers. Construction supervisors are also needed. Below, we have highlighted some of the requirements of the aforementioned jobs, along with the duties commonly associated with them.

Skilled Construction Trade Jobs: These types of jobs are in high demand. Examples include project management, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, sheet metal technicians and the like. Many of these jobs pay well and provide a rewarding experience for those trained in these fields.

The Canadian government has identified the following careers as eligible for Canada’s Foreign Skilled Worker Program

Engineering Jobs in Construction Industries

Engineering careers in the construction field are also in demand in many regions of Canada. Jobs of this type pay well because they require a significant amount of skill and education. Construction Engineers should expect to receive a handsome salary and good benefits. (see Engineering Jobs)

Construction Supervisors and Project Manager Jobs

Supervisor jobs of this type require a great deal of organization and excellent leadership abilities. They also tend to pay well. Many require a college degree or a significant amount of experience. Construction supervisor jobs can be found throughout Canada.

Other Construction Jobs

Other Canadian-based construction jobs in high demand are those that require a trade ticket or program, for instance, Plumber Jobs, Electrician Jobs, Construction Driller Jobs, Construction Blasting Jobs, and Crane Operator Jobs. Each of these jobs is listed on the Canadian Government’s Eligibility Criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Applications as of June 26, 2010.

Opportunities in Canada’s Residential Construction Boom

Another expected area of growth in the construction sector, not only in Canada but globally, involves the construction of buildings and homes which are environmentally friendly and sustainable. As a growing number of communities commit to going “green,” there will be an influx of related construction projects. Many workers may, thus, find their skills needed in what may turn out to be a pretty substantial construction sub-niche.

As it stands, the construction sector is Canada’s largest in terms of monies invested and employment. This particular industry employs 5% of the country. Construction workers build shopping centres, factories, schools, hospitals and office buildings. Skilled workers, such as engineers, work to keep the Canadian public comfortable, safe and secure by taking on projects to both directly and indirectly affects the public, for example, roads, dams, highways, petrochemical and nuclear power plants and pipelines.

If you are a Canadian or a foreign skilled worker looking to work, consider Canada’s construction sector. The field has room for both skilled, unskilled and semi-skilled workers. If you have a trade or just a strong back and a can-do positive attitude, it may be possible to gain employment in the construction field. It is important to note that jobs which require a greater amount of skill tend to pay higher wages. If you are planning on a construction career, you may want to consider getting more schooling (college) to become a more qualified candidate for higher paying construction jobs.