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The availability of Jobs in Calgary is often related to the strength of the oil industry, although the city’s economy is increasingly diversified. Calgary’s rapid growth and infrastructure development has led to a high demand for workers to fill skilled construction jobs. Contractors constantly advertise for construction supervisors, architects, engineers and mechanical trades people, such as plumbers and electricians with few interruptions over the past decades.

Calgary is home to many of the petroleum industry’s Canadian headquarters, including BP, Imperial Oil, Suncor Energy and Shell Canada providing careers to petrochemical engineers, project managers, business managers, accountants and other professionals.

This “Calgary Alberta Canada” video will provide you with a visual overview of some of the prime industry sectors as well as the lifestyle in the Calgary area:

Head offices providing employment in Calgary include Canadian Pacific Railway, Canada Safeway Limited, Westfair Foods Ltd., WestJet and Shaw Communications. All are major employers providing thousands of jobs in Calgary.

Calgary is home to the Calgary Stampede, which is the world’s largest rodeo. This world-renowned annual event is a reflection of the city’s western cowboy roots. As a former Winter Olympics host, this prairie city of approximately 1.2 million inhabitants is also influenced by the Rocky Mountains which are less than a hour drive away.
Calgary is often thought of as a progressive, business-friendly city, with high per capita income levels.

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