Where are the jobs in Canada?

Where can I find Jobs in Canada?

Are you considering relocating within Canada or immigrating to Canada to find work?

Which part of Canada should you move to? Alberta? Ontario? Saskatchewan?

The answer may depend on the type of job you would like to work in or the lifestyle you are looking for. Here on the “Careers and Jobs in Canada” employment magazine we have included several pages that can help you get a glimpse of the possible opportunities in Canada’s different provinces and major cities.

Finding Jobs and Career Advise by Province

The Canadian Province pages of this employment magazine are accessible from the site’s header navigation bar above. These pages will provide you with high level description of the job market for each province and territory along with related videos. Most of the stories are complete at time of this writing. We are currently updating the territories and career pages which will still present you with links to Employer Profiles and Career information for each topic along with other job finding and hiring resources.

Each province’s description will give you a brief overview of the main industries and career opportunities in each province. That is not to say that other industries and job opportunities are not available in each province but rather our intention is to provide you, the reader, with some ideas of where the jobs in your chosen field may be found in Canada, from province to province and city to city. For example, each province is home to thousands of employees actively working in the medical, healthcare and the hospitality industries but, if you wish to work in the oil industry, you will likely have greater success looking for work in Alberta than in Manitoba because the petroleum industry is vastly larger in Alberta and more hiring decisions are made in Alberta, some of which effect the Manitoba industry. Similarly, if you want to work in the automotive manufacturing industry, you should be aware that Southern Ontario has Canada’s largest concentration of automobile and auto parts manufacturing employers and if you want to work in the Mining industry it may help you to know that Vancouver is home to hundreds of mining head offices.

Careers and Jobs by Canadian Cities

The Careers and Popular Cities areas are also found in the header navigation area and serve a similar function to the provinces pages described below.

Stay Tuned for More About Jobs in Canada

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