"What's Holding You Back from Getting Hired"

December 26, 2011 Job Finding Tips

Not many people will tell you like it is but I believe that you can fix a problem or find a solution until you start dealing with the facts – good or bad.

There is a vicious cycle of employment hiring practices out there. The truth is the employed get more offers and the unemployed get fewer. The longer you are unemployed the less your chances of getting an offer, the more you “tighten up” or the safer you play, you are unemployed even longer, your chances of getting hired are even less etc. Now if you are an older or a “mature” candidate the hard reality is that it’s even tougher for you. If have been unemployed for a long time, are older and are new to North America, then you are in the “hardest” to find a job category.

I have outlined and explained this employment, unemployment cycle below and I explain some of my method for you to deal with the cycle in this short video.

“Learn the top 3 reasons you can’t get hired”

The cycle looks like this:

1. You’re getting bad job search advice. Most of the advice you are listening to is actually the reason you can’t get hired – it is “killing” your job search

2. Because you are getting bad information, you are focusing on the wrong things. Believe it or not, the great majority of people I coach are actually focused on “not getting eliminated” instead of getting hired!

3. Your focussing on everyone else instead of focusing on yourself! How many people have told you the key to getting hired is being totally informed and knowledgeable about… YOU?

So how do you climb your mountain? Overcome your hurdle? Or as we say in the Fearless Job Seeker, deal with your tough questions?

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