Want to stop looking ... and just get hired instead?

March 26, 2012 Job Finding Tips

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Have you been applying for jobs and waiting for a response?

Have you thought you handled an interview perfectly, then found out you didn’t even make the next round of interviews?

Or, are you just trying to figure out what it takes to get a meaningful job in Canada?

Maybe it’s time to change your approach!

If you believe it may be time for a different approach, we may have found the answer your are looking for. In our ongoing effort to provide valuable resources for people relocating to, or within, Canada we recently partnered with S2A Academy and the Fearless Job Seeker program. Fearless Job Seeker is a nontraditional online career coach system that is delivering impressive results to jobseekers who previously had difficulty getting interviews and job offers.

We have reviewed many systems and found the Fearless Job Seeker to be one of the most comprehensive and well supported resource we have run across. It walks you through the entire hiring process from targeting your resume, to the time you get hired. You’ll learn to utilize nontraditional techniques that remove the obstacles most jobseeekers create for themselves, and how to navigate the Canadian hiring process to turn job applications into job interviews, and job interviews into job offers.

One success story is Marie, who moved from Belgium to Calgary, Alberta, and applied for about 40 jobs and then waited for potential employers to call – but they never did. Then Marie enrolled in the Fearless Job Seeker program and applied to 12 more jobs using the techniques she learned. She received 7 calls back from employers, had 5 job interviews and received 2 job offers.

The Fearless Job Seeker program was developed by seasoned Canadian recruiter, Corey Harlock, who over his years as a professional recruiter, saw firsthand the mistakes most candidates make when trying to find jobs and presenting themselves to potential employers. The program promotes a method that is right for the realities of the current Canadian job market, encouraging you to be yourself, because that’s what will make you successful. Like no one we have run across, Corey is committed to helping job seekers simplify and streamline their process to effectively secure meaningful employment. Click here to learn some of the valuable techniques Corey explains in this Blog Talk Radio interview.

There’s lots of excellent information that you can access for free on the program’s website. We encourage you to visit and learn more. If you decide you want to take the program, we’ve arranged for you to receive a free upgrade and save $20 if you click on the “SPECIAL OFFER” button.

Click here to learn Fearless Job Seeker techniques


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