Should Mechanics and Technical Professionals Use Recruiters?

As a qualified professional trades person working in Canada’s heavy equipment sector, you have ample career opportunities. So why use a recruiter?

You want to find the best opportunity to fit your skills and your lifestyle. You also want to receive a fair and competitive salary, right?

Using a professional recruiter let’s you tap into a larger network of mechanic and heavy duty equipment shops that are hiring, open employer doors, and helps you get a fair and competitive employment package.

Industries that often use recruiters to fill mechanical positions include construction, mining, forestry, truck and transport, automobile and equipment dealerships and OEMs.

How Much will it Cost Me to Use a Recruiter?

heavy duty mechanic working on equipmentAs a jobseeker, one of the best things about using a professional recruiter is that their services are absolutely FREE. Knowing recruiter’s services are free certainly removes any risk.

In Canada, it is against the law for recruiters to charge jobseekers for placement services. Instead, the employer pays, often upon successful placement of a candidate. Because the employer is paying, the recruiter’s prime responsibility is to the employer and to find the best person they can to fill the position.

How can a professional employment recruiter help me get the right job?

Specialized recruiters have access to, and know where to find, a variety of jobs you may be qualified for. After reviewing your resume and speaking with you over the phone or in person, they can find the best match possible, taking into account your needs and everything you offer to the position. Recruiters can also guide you in understanding the employers’ requirements so that you will be better prepared for interviews.

The more in demand your skills are, the more likely they will be able to place you. Using a recruiter usually means they get paid if you are hired and retained, so THEY are on your side because they have a vested interest in your success.

Ryan, a recruiter specializing in filling mechanic jobs, told us their firm guarantees recruits for a period of 30 days. So if within the first 30 days of employment the employer decides the a mechanic is not a good fit, he will present new candidates and is willing to repeat the process until the employer is satisfied with the hire.

Recruiters can present you directly to hiring managers. If you have staying power, can relocate, have a lengthy and skilled employment history, using a recruiter is a great option that can save you time and open doors you may not otherwise be able access.

Tapping into a professional recruiter’s employer network can be your most valuable job finding tool. Since they have a vested interest, a recruiter with the right mindset and will work hard match your skills to the most suitable job with the best employer.

mechanic working at automobile service job

Why do Heavy-Duty Mechanic Employers use Specialized Recruiters to find Talent?

Employers find the benefits of using a professional recruiter very attractive. Good recruiters serving the mechanical trades help employers save them time, save them money and help employers bring in better results for their company.

In general finding qualified individuals often falls on a recruiter because of the vast requirements and scarcity of qualified talent who meet those requirements making it more challenging and time consuming to fill available positions.

Recruiters can even advise employers on how to meet the employee’s needs so they stay for the long term and the employer continues using the recruiter’s services. As a result, the recruiter is motivated to match qualified candidates and help them secure positions so the recruiter can successfully complete the recruiting assignment and move on to the next one. As a specialized tradespeople, this can be a huge benefit to you.

As a recruiting firm we contacted specialized in placing mechanics and related professionals across Canada, is seeing an increase in the amount of employers using their services and a changing trend in inter-provincial migration resulting from the effects of Canada’s softer petroleum sector activity.

How can I get my Resume into the hands of an Industry Recruiter?

You can submit your resume directly to recruiters through their job postings on job sites like Jobs in Canada mechanic recruiter or on the recruiter’s website.

When hiring heavy-duty diesel mechanics, recruiters and employers require tickets, hours of experience, and specialized, often localized, training listed on your resume. Be sure to include these on your resume. Generally a two-page resume is preferred. The same can be said for specialized industry professionals including automotive engineers, managers, corporate managers, parts-people with manufacturer specific knowledge.

What Next?

A recruiter is often the best way to find your future employer. The high demand for qualified heavy-duty mechanics with good work ethic is ongoing. The top recruiters know the industry and have the resources can open the right doors when they spot a good match. It’s a win-win for you, the company that hires you, and the recruiting company. Need a job? Why not contact a recruiter today.