Medical Jobs

Licensed Practical Nurse and Registered Nursing Jobs in Canada are amongst the country’s most in-demand medical jobs. There is also a need for caregivers, pharmacists, physiotherapist, specialists, general practitioners, family physicians, medical radiation techs, dentists, dental hygienists & dental therapists.

Medical Jobs on the Canadian Government’s Eligibility Criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Applications

The following are among occupations listed on the Canadian Government’s Eligibility Criteria for Federal Skilled Worker Applications as of May 4, 2013.

  • Physiotherapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists
  • Medical Laboratory Technicians and Pathologists’ assistants
  • Respiratory Therapists
  • Clinical Perfusionists and Cardiopulmonary Technologists
  • Medical Radiation Technologists
  • Medical Sonographers
  • Cardiology Technologists
  • Electrophysiological Diagnostic Technologists

Medical Jobs in Canada are largely found in the public sector. Since Canada has socialized medical care for its citizens, medical services are mostly overseen by the ten provincial governments and “three territorial health insurance plans (Health Canada). Over the past 40 years or so, the country’s health care system has adjusted to the needs of its citizens. However, what has essentially remained unchanged is the fact that all Canadians have access to health care without consideration of their ability to pay (Health Canada). It is a need based system. Because health care must be available to all of Canada’s citizens, the demand for workers in the health care field is high. A failure to fill open positions in masse, would cause a significant number of problems, a break down of the system.

Individuals that find themselves with the necessary training to fulfill any of the aforementioned jobs have a great chance of obtaining employment in Canada. It is one of those industries that is continually in need of quality workers.

Professions which involve the care and treatment of a person’s physical health are not the only ones that need to be filled in Canada. There are openings for mental health workers as well. Mental health jobs currently in demand include Psychologists and Social Workers. Immigrants with the appropriate degrees and credentials should consider looking for employment in either these fields. This is also true of Canadian citizens.

Caregiver Jobs

A shortage of qualified and attentive individuals to care for people with physical and mental challenges combined with Canada’s aging population has resulted in current and increasing demand for caregivers.

Mental Health and Social Services Jobs

Mental health professionals play a significant role in the psychological health of Canadians. Their job is an extremely important one, especially as life becomes increasingly hectic and more demands are placed upon individuals. Psychologists provide a very valuable service and will likely do so far into the future.

Social workers are also extremely important to a modern society concerned about those who are less fortunate or who are in no position to fend for them selves. This very important occupation needs workers to assume the challenges that come along with being a social worker. Individuals interested in becoming a social worker for the Canadian government should review the educational and experience guidelines provided. A good look at the duties required of an actual social worker is an important part of the application process. This information will help any prospective applicant determine whether or not the occupation of social worker is a good fit and if they are even qualified to apply.

The health care sector in Canada has a high demand for skilled and qualified professionals. There is an ongoing demand for educated and skilled medical professionals. Because Canada utilizes a universal health care system to service its citizens, there is always a need for workers. Unlike countries that lock out those who can not afford health care, universal health care systems require that everyone receive care that needs it. In order to service an entire country, a large number of workers need to be employed. Individuals with a medical degree or at least the appropriate training and credentials for the particular medical job they want, may find that they have the opportunity to work in this county in their particular area of expertise.

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Medical Jobs