Manitoba's ongoing labour shortage. How you can get into Canada and find a Good Job - VIDEO PODCAST

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Manitoba is experiencing an ongoing labour shortage.

Manitoba jobs most in demand include jobs in Manitoba’s primary industries of manufacturing, financial services, agriculture, hydroelectricity, natural resources, construction trades.

Healthcare and medical professionals including nurses as well as caregivers, including nannies / childcare workers, and elder caregivers are in great demand. Caregivers often find an easy path into Canada.

The mining industry is Manitoba’s second-largest industry, employing over 4,000 people and is mostly located in its less populated northern regions and includes the former INCO mine which has been acquired by Vale Group.

Agriculture and food processing are key employers in Manitoba’s rural areas with leading facilities like Maple Leaf Foods’ hog processing plant in Brandon, Manitoba and McCain Foods in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba as well as in Winnipeg with the Canadian Wheat Board and Cargill Canada and other food processing companies.

Its location in the geographical centre of North America is a key pillar of its highly developed distribution and transportation industries, providing employment to thousands in warehousing, trade, transportation and truck driving jobs.

The largest manufacturing employers in the area offer careers in the aerospace industry, bus manufacturing, printing and furniture manufacturing with companies such as New Flyer Industries, MCI Motor Coach Industries, Standard Aero.

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Immigrating to Canada and Manitoba under Foreign Skilled Worker Programs – a Jobs in Canada Video Podcast Episode by Bernie Chats

Insights, tips and strategies from one of Manitoba’s most experienced Certified Immigration Consultants and Licensed Foreign Worker Recruiter

In this Bernie Chats video podcast, Frank Goldberg, CEO, Cdn VISA, explains Manitoba’s current labour shortage and how both jobseekers and employers can access programs to help them secure the opportunities and human resources they need to thrive. Topics covered in the video podcast will answer questions for both jobseekers and employers, including:

  • Which jobs are in demand in Manitoba, and why does Manitoba have a skills shortage?
  • How to get a Canadian work permit?
  • What is the MPNP Program, and how can it help Employers?
  • What is Manitoba’s “Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway”?
  • Do I need English to immigrate to Canada? Why will knowing French help me to immigrate to Canada?
  • Why are Winnipeg and Manitoba such great places to get established in Canada?
  • Who pays for Recruitment Costs?
  • How can students start with studying in Winnipeg and get their permanent Canadian residency? (example case – young lady from Sierra Leone)
  • What are the three essential steps to immigrating to Canada as a foreign skilled worker? (19:44)
    1. Find an Employer and Get an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment)
    2. Get a Work Permit
    3. Apply for PR, Permanent Residency
  • What is an LMIA?
  • How many Child Caregivers & Elder Caregivers work permits will be allocated in Canada?
  • Are nurses in high demand in Canada? And, What’s the best way for a nurse to get a job in Canada?
  • What are the four ways to come to Canada, if you are not a refugee? (26:18)
    1. Family
    2. Business / Investment
    3. Student Visas
    4. Foreign Skilled Worker Programs

EMPLOYER CASE EXAMPLES – Frank explains examples of employers for who he has developed creative strategies to recruit employees for under the various foreign skilled worker programs available to Manitoba businesses, including:

  • Hair Stylists (16:50)
  • Acquiring specialized skill sets like machinery technicians by hiring through the Foreign Skilled Worker Program (24:12)
  • Car Wash Personnel (39:56)
  • Auto-body Repair Personnel (38:31)
  • Excavation Company and Construction Workers (42:50)
  • Roofers (45:00)
  • Moving Company (45:37)

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