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The Retail Manager will lead the development of the philosophy and business model for FH Fine Food and Friday Harbour Resort's retail outlets. This individual will subsequently develop and lead a professional retail sales team to set aggressive goals and objectives to ensure achievement of all financial, quantitative and qualitative goals. Responsible for the procurement of merchandise, supervision of the overall daily operation of FH Fine Food and all other retail areas including business planning and financial management, team development, training, coaching and motivating all relevant associates. Leading by example, this individual will set high standards including overall leadership, sales and marketing, merchandising, store appearance and presentation and overall guest experience. The Retail Manager will work closely with other departments to promote products and services from other areas of the Resort.


    - Responsible for overall resort retail strategy
    - Responsible for the day to day operations of FH Fine Food and Friday Harbour retail outlets
    - Develop marketing and sales plans and business plans including operating budgets and targets
    - Responsible for e-commerce development, management and oversight
    - Liaise with commercial retail tenants to ensure minimal product overlap
    - Responsible for procurement of merchandise ensuring outlets are appropriately stocked
    - Ensure the best selection possible within the inventory limits set
    - Maintain attractive and appealing merchandise displays
    - Provide as required regular reporting of retail performance, key metrics including analytical reports and summaries, including actionable items and strategies to secure targets
    - Ensure daily reports are accurate for budgeting and forecasting
    - Monitor usage reports to identify opportunities to ensure maximum satisfaction
    - Create goals and initiatives to identify and promote initiatives and seasonal changes
    - Oversee associates and scheduling to meet service and retail usage demands
    - Together with the Resort Sales & Service Officer, develop strategic marketing and sales plans, including advertising and marketing strategy to position the business within the target market
    - Initiate and monitor internal controls, prevent product losses and ensure all products are current and trendy
    - Ensure a welcoming environment and demonstrate a highly professional and engaging approach to assisting guests in a warm, friendly and respective manner
    - Ensure impeccable organization and presentation of all products, equipment, furniture and marketing collateral
    - Lead, direct and supervise associates to maximize financial and operational objectives
    - Ensure associate consistently deliver excellent service including inquires and diligent follow up
    - Perform daily open and close procedures ensuring 100% accuracy of all settlements and reconciliation reports
    - Place and manage special orders to fulfillment, ensure 100% special order compliance
    - Monitor and recognize security risks and thefts and institute processes and mechanisms to prevent and mitigate losses
    - Supervise and manage daily operations including sales, staffing, cleaning, maintenance, shelf stocking and all activities resulting in superior operational performance
    - Train new associates to ensure skill level and product knowledge are appropriately developed
    - Compliance with all safety regulations of assigned tasks, and ensure a clean and safe working environment with active participation in the health and safety program
    - Adhere to all environmental policies and programs as required
    - Other duties as assigned
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