Greeter : Part Time (Contract)



Greeter : Part Time (Contract)



Employment Type:



per year

Job Description:

Position Purpose:

Greeters at Home Depot provide fast, friendly service by actively welcoming customers & quickly assessing their needs in order to provide assistance. They will gradually gain department and product knowledge to provide information on features and services. Associates in this position know how to find, inquire, respect, solve and thank every customer and will learn how to provide basic service in adjacent departments. Greeter Associates are focused on customer service and finding and solving customer needs.
Position Responsibilities:
• We're looking for the type of associates who can tap into their inner orange by:
• Offers a friendly greeting to customers in his/her designated department and throughout the store.
• Asking open ended questions about customers' projects in order to determine their needs and level of expertise .Be enthusiastic with the customer, when necessary, handle several customers at once
• Thanking customers for shopping at The Home Depot
• Answering questions about merchandise according to the customers' level of expertise
• Escorting customers to appropriate merchandise if needed
• Describing features and benefits of merchandise
• Acquiring beginner product knowledge in adjacent departments
Experience/Knowledge Required:
The kind of orange we're looking for will possess:
• Must fulfill Minimum time in position and performance management code requirements of V2 (or P3 in previous system)
• Ability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends
• Excellent communication skills and customer service skills
• Excellent decision making ability and problem solving skills

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The Home Depot Canada

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