Should you get a job or start a business? A Tech Worker's Immigration Story - Bernie Chats with Saeed Shamsi, MBA

When you’re here, in Canada, should you get a job or start a business?

Listen to A Tech Worker’s Immigration Story in this Bernie Chats with Saeed Shamsi, MBA.

Saeed immigrated to Canada in the late 1990’s. He quickly got to work in his chosen field of technology, which gave him a front row seat in the Y2K computer programming boom and then the burst of the Dot Com Bubble between 2000 and 2002.

He has over 20 years experience in establishing and growing businesses in Canada, with roles that span from international business development, operation, finance, and technology.

Now he helps new Canadians get established in business, advising them on the ins and outs of the Canadian business environment and arming them with the experience and knowledge he’s gained along the way.

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Saeed Shamsi, MBA. Business Bio

Saeed co-founded NovoTech Software, which is specialized in providing analytical software for GeoTechnical Engineers, and was the president of the company until the acquisition by RocScience.

Saeed was also an independent director of Tulloch Resources, a publicly traded company in Canadian Stock Exchange, until the company was sold to Tidal Royalty in 2018.

He is also a director at World Forgotten children foundation, with the mission to provide helping hands to the unfortunate children that are orphaned and are living with disabilities.