Resumes, Cover Letters & Handling Your References - Video Pt 1 - VIDEO PODCAST

“Job finding Tips & Strategies” Video 1 of the 3-Video Series, Bernie Chats with Bart Zych

Ever wonder how recruiters operate, what employers look for and how they both read your resume?

What’s the best strategy to get you and your resume noticed?

Bart Zych, MBA, is a Certified Resume Strategist. He’s full of insights and tips to help you with your job search. In Part 1 of this 3-Part Bernie Chats with Bart Zych called “Job Finding Tips and Strategies” Bart offers you some powerful resume tips, discusses what to include in your cover letter, how to handle references, and more. More details and a transcript of the video are listed below.

Listen to the PODCAST – Part 1 Job Finding Tips and Strategies

Listen to the PODCAST – Part 1 Job Finding Tips and Strategies

In the “Job Finding Tips and Strategies” video, you’ll gain useful job finding tips and strategies regarding:

– Strategic resume tips an resume

– What to include in Your Cover Letter

– How to Handle References

The topics discussed in the chat include:

– The difference between a recruiter, a junior recruiter and a hiring manager; and how to deal with them

– Strategic resume tips & resume insights

– What to include in your cover letter

– How recruiters look at resumes

– The difference between a resume and a CV

– Tips on how to apply for jobs in Canada and the U.S.

– How to handle your references

– Tips to help you handle panel interviews

– Main sections of a typical resume and how to structure with them

– Types of resumes and which one you
should use; Functional Resumes, Chronological Work Experience Resumes
and Hybrids or Combination Resumes

– How to strategically design and match
the skills on your resume to the job you are applying for

– Transferable Skills

– Tips for mothers returning to the
workplace after maternity leave or child raising and Fathers
returning to work from paternity leave or raising children

– dealing with health issues and how to
communicate that to potential employers

– Insights on how to immigrate to
Canada and other Western Countries helpful insights and for
immigrants getting started working in Canada

– What questions employers and and can
not ask a candidate and how to answer them

– How to managing your references and strategic tips for increasing the effectiveness of your references

Video Review of Your Resume

So have a pen and paper handy to take notes because this Bernie Chats episode is packed with valuable tips that will help you and other job seekers in Canada and the USA, or from abroad, to get the attention of employers and land a job.

Even if you are not looking for a job, the career advice discussed will provide you with insights to help you move your career forward.

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Listen to the PODCAST – Part 1 Job Finding Tips and Strategies

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