IT Jobs being filled by foreign high-tech workers fast-tracked into Canada

Canada is in need of people to fill high-tech IT jobs, so it’s no wonder many of these jobs are being filled by job seekers from all over the world. But why are they coming to Canada and how easy, or difficult, is it for these IT workers come the land jobs in Canada?

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A CBC story discussed Canada’s ‘Brain Gain’ and why IT workers are choosing to move to Canada instead of other so-called desirable countries who are all competing to recruit these workers.

IT workers Tell Their Canadian Immigration Story

Hear from two recent immigrants who landed IT jobs in Canada and immigrated. One was working temporarily in the US with Linkedin, the other had a high-tech job in Singapore and left to avoid dealing with discrimination.The former’s decision to leave his high-tech job in California is due in part to changes he saw since the election of Donald Trump.

Find out what they like about their new lived in Canada, what they had to give up and how they feel about their relocation.

In addition, there is a new immigration program helping Canada in the global war for high-tech talent

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New immigration program helping Canada in the global war for high-tech talent

A pilot program that makes it easier for highly skilled foreign tech workers to find jobs in Canada has hooked more than 1,600 people in its first two and a half months, CBC News has learned.

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada launched the two-year project in June to help companies that need to bring in talent quickly so their businesses can expand.

The Global Skills Strategy cuts the amount of time a foreign worker needs to wait for a work permit, with decisions being made within two weeks instead of months. The program also makes it easier for their immediate family members to enter the country.

“The feedback from the private sector has been very positive,” said Navdeep Bains, minister of innovation, science and economic development.

More than 2,000 people have already applied so far — meaning about 80 per cent of the applications to the program have been fast tracked. See the story on the CBC website and find for IT job postings below.