Hospitality Jobs

The Tourism and Hospitality sector across Canada is continually in need of qualified people to fill management positions as well as entry-level to mid-level jobs in hotels, restaurants, resorts and other service sectors.

Hotel, restaurant and tourism jobs are amongst the most in-demand for employees with a wide range or skills.

A job in the hospitality industry can be a very rewarding one. Those who have experience serving in any of the aforementioned jobs, i.e., chefs, cooks, restaurant and food service managers, who enjoy working in this field understand the tremendous benefits that come from being employed in a job that ones loves. Coupled with the fact that there is a fairly high demand for hospitality jobs, makes it a good industry to be a part of.

A person interested in becoming a chef will need to be appropriately trained. There are numerous culinary schools throughout Canada. In fact, some of the best schools in the world call Canada home. Those interested in becoming a cook, will not require as much education or training as those that desire to work as a chef. This may thus, be a good option for individuals who enjoy the hospitality industry, want to enter it quickly and don’t want to commit a great deal of time and money toward schooling and/or training.

Restaurant and food service managers are also in-demand jobs. There are typically very few barriers to entry into this field. It does not require a great deal of education nor training to enter this field. Because Canada is so big, there are many places for individuals to apply for a job and work.

Individuals interested in being considered for one of the 1000 chef and cooking jobs hired by the government must be sure to act very quickly to ensure that they are amongst the eligible applicants. If they do miss the cut, their applications will be returned to them (Skilled Worker Program). Upon learning that they will not be considered for one of the aforementioned jobs, individuals can then begin to set their sights on jobs in the private sector.

Jobs in the hospitality industry are in high demand in Canada. Those interested in being employed in this field will find that they have lots of options. Because of this, individuals will likely be able to find work fairly quickly. Chef and cooking jobs, restaurant and food services manager are amongst the most in-demand. Those persons looking to increase their opportunities for employment may want to focus on these jobs first.

Hospitality Jobs