6 Strategies to Help New Canadians & Foreigners Get a Job in Canada

February 14, 2023 CV,Job Finding Tips,Resume

Are you a new Canadian or a foreign jobseeker?

Here are six strategies that can help you get a job in Canada:

  1. Research the Canadian job market: Familiarize yourself with the Canadian job market and the industries that are in demand in the region you are interested in. Your resume will likely be your first point of contact with the recruiter or hiring manager that you want to work for, so make sure you understand how to write a winning resume for the Canadian job market.
  2. Network: Attend career fairs, professional events, and make connections through online networks such as LinkedIn.
    Build your Canadian experience: Consider volunteering or taking on freelance or part-time work to build your experience and make local connections.
  3. Enhance your skills and education: Consider taking courses or certifications related to the industry you are interested in to demonstrate your commitment and expertise. Micro Certifications can be particularly powerful in getting you recognized by Canadian employers. For instance, Google, Microsoft, SAP and Salesforce certifications are recognized globally, and equip tech workers with the same skills employers are looking for, from country to country.
  4. Seek out help from immigration and job search resources: Utilize government and community resources such as the Canadian government’s Job Bank or local immigrant-serving organizations to help you in your job search.
  5. Showcase your cultural awareness and language skills: Emphasize your ability to adapt and work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds, and highlight your language skills, including proficiency in French, English, or both, if applicable.
  6. Be patient: The job search process can be challenging, especially for foreign workers, so it’s important to be patient and persistent in your efforts.

Remember, a strong resume and cover letter, combined with a positive attitude and persistence, can go a long way in helping you to successfully transition into the Canadian job market.

No matter if you are in Canada or abroad, one of your main job finding tools will be your resume. Start by getting your resume evaluated (for FREE).