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"Job finding Tips & Strategies" Video 3 of the 3-Video Series, Bernie Chats with Bart ZychBart Zych, MBA, is a Certifie

Twenty in-demand, high-paying jobs in Canada

This MSN article will give you a quick snapshot of twenty jobs and a description with salary ranges for each.The article pr

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IT Jobs being filled by foreign high-tech workers fast-tracked into Canada

Canada is in need of people to fill high-tech IT jobs, so it's no wonder many of these jobs are being filled by job seekers from all over the world. But why are they coming to Canada and how easy, or


1.  Supplement your online and paper classified ads search with other methodsKeep in mind that resumes that are sent in as a result of job postings found on the internet and in newspape

Revised Eligible Occupations List for Canadian Federal Skilled Workers Program

A very important resource for foreign job seekers to be aware of is the Eligible Occupations List for the Canadian Federal Skilled Workers program.Now, up front, I am not an Immigration Expert. I