Engineer Jobs

The engineering job market in Canada is vibrant. Many of the most robust industries in the country require engineers of one kind or another from Mechanical Engineers to Aerospace Engineers to Chemical Engineers and Civil Engineers. The engineering and engineering consulting sector itself are also quite vast. Because of this, individuals looking for a job in the industry have the opportunity to be employed in a wide range of careers. They are usually able to choose the one that best suits their natural ability, temperament and ideal working environment. For example, a person who enjoys the outdoors may choose to get a job as a geological engineer instead of an electrical engineer. Of course, the training and educational requirements of the job will have a big effect on whether or not a person is qualified, irrespective of their personal preferences.

Where You Can Find Engineering Jobs in Canada

Canada is a huge country and one that is constantly experiencing growth and development. As a result, there are lots of opportunities for engineers. Currently, the following types of engineering jobs can be found throughout the country, civil, chemical, industrial, electrical, mechanical, manufacturing, aerospace, environmental, geological, transportation, structural, mining and process engineers. Each of these requires a specific type of training, education and experience. When a person is looking for an engineering position, it is a good idea to figure out what part of the country they want to work in and also where most of the jobs are located in their particular engineering field. For instance, a person who wants to work as a mining engineering may want to look at jobs in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Yukon, Saskatchewan, Quebec and New Brunswick because many of the nation’s mines are located in these areas. The greater the concentration of mines, the more potential jobs there are for mining engineers while petroleum engineers may consider focusing their job seeking efforts on the cities of Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta where the highest concentration of major petroleum companies are based.

How To Find Engineering Jobs in Canada

Locating engineering jobs is fairly simple. Job boards and employment agencies are two of the best sources for jobs in this field. There are many excellent job boards. Some of them only list engineering jobs specifically (niche), while others list jobs of all types (generalist). Another option is work with an employment agency. The latter specializes in pairing qualified individuals with engineering jobs. If an individual is able to find a quality, well-reputed employment agency, the process of finding a good job can much easier than if they were to job-hunt on their own. These types of companies typically have a lot of connections in the industry which can help decrease the amount of time it takes to find a good job in this field. Because of this, working with an employment agency can pay off in a big way. Recruiting agencies generally do not charge the candidate, rather they earn their fees from the employers. Job boards are another great way to find engineering jobs. These can be accessed around the clock and many have a very thorough listing of jobs. Some job boards will list employment openings in a variety of sectors. Others will only list engineering jobs. Looking through both can be very helpful and may help individuals find suitable employment quickly.

Why Engineering Jobs?

Engineering is a great career field. Because it requires education of some type and often extensive experience, jobs in this field tend to pay well. Employees in this field also tend to receive favourable benefits. The range of engineering jobs is also another reason to enter this field. An engineering degree can provide you with varying job opportunities in your field of expertise and beyond often expanding into Management, Technical and Engineering Sales and more. An individual has an option of working as a geological, mechanical or process engineer. Because there are so many options, it is possible for individuals to find an engineering job which best suits their lifestyle.

Engineer Jobs