Macdonald Dettwiler Profile and Careers

At Macdonald Dettwiler they provide advanced information solutions that are essential to decision making. They record and process large amounts of information, produce critical information, to strengthen the performance management of business and organizations around the world. Macdonald Dettwiler focuses on informational solutions for industries that have a high potential for repeat business, Financial Services, Intelligence and Surveillance are some of the main industries they serve. The company is also engaged in advanced technology development paid for by their clients.

Careers and Jobs at Macdonald Dettwiler

Part-time Business Receptionist Position

MDA maintains more than 25 offices located throughout the Canada, United States, the United Kingdom that serve its global clients. Globally and across Canada, they employ over 3,200 talented individuals from varied background and disciplines. They are made up of two main divisions: Informational Products & Information Systems.   more

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