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College Pro is a Canadian property services company specialized in house painting and window cleaning. Founded by a college student from Ontario, the company has been helping university and college students creating their own franchises and hiring other students for over 39 years. This company can be considered one of the first and most successful company run by college students. It focuses on helping students pay for their studies and also provide them with hands-on experience that will help them with their career in the future. Some students even decide to continue working with College Pro after graduation. Indeed, even at College Pro's head office most of the full-time employees used to be student painters, window cleaners or franchise owners. The company is know for the quality of its service and is growing fast. It currently services about 25,000 clients annually. College Pro Painters has franchises all over Canada as well as in the United States. College Pro Painters is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and supports local community charities across North America by donating their services. They focus on helping students create their own indoor and outdoor home painting franchise with training, help in finding partners/employees, and promotional support. They also hire painters in the name of these franchises.

Careers and Jobs at College Pro Painters

Part-time Business Receptionist Position





What We Value


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Work Environment

Working at College Pro is mostly about freedom and taking initiatives.


If you decide to start a franchise, College Pro will offer you all the training you require to improve both your management and leadership skills.

Employment Opportunities


What people say about working here

College Pro is known to be a very supportive and motivating company to work with. They push their employees to provide the best quality possible in order to create word-of-mouth about their brand. Students working with College Pro consider it a very empowering experience that gives them a taste of leadership and independence.

Types of Positions We Hire For

College Pro offers jobs as painters or as franchise managers.

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