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“SNC-Lavalin is a global leader in the engineering and construction industry. It also owns infrastructures and provides operations and maintenance services. SNC-Lavalin works with clients in a great variety of industries such as transportation, chemicals, construction, mining, water management, energy, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, environment and biotechnology. The company has offices all around the world and all across Canada. It’s a company that puts a lot of emphasis on delivering their projects in time and on becoming technical experts in all the sectors they work with. SNC-Lavalin’s strategy is to develop products that match international standards, and to develop its international network and financing capabilities. Benefits

For managerial, administrative, engineering and IT positions SNC-Lavalin is known to regularly offer benefits such as Dental Benefits, Vision Care Benefits, Medical Benefits, Life Insurance Benefits and Group Insurance Benefits.
Employment Opportunities

SNC-Lavalin has employees with a great variety of talents and cultural backgrounds. They currently employ around 22,000 persons worldwide. Working with SNC-Lavalin offers, for some positions, the possibility to travel all around the world in one of the 100 countries the organizations works in. It is also a company big enough to allow you great career advancement opportunities. They believe in empowering employees at all levels and encourage them to take initiatives. The company also has a structure that encourages teams with members from various disciplines and occupations.
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Types of Positions We Hire For

Whatever your area expertise it is pretty likely that they have a job for you. Jobs in administration, sales, procurement, business, marketing, communications, government relations, human resources, finance, management, engineering, IT and more are regularly offered by this company.”

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