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Husky Energy is a Canadian energy company. It is one of the country’s largest oil company with operations all across Canada but also in the U.S., Greenland, Indonesia and China. Husky operates on all aspects of energy production and distribution from exploration to retail distribution. In Canada,

Husky explores and produces oil, natural gas and bitumen in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and offshore in Newfoundland and Labrador. Husky is also one of the top producers of heavy oil and owns over 3,000 productive wells that could produce up to 10 billion barrels. More recently, Husky started working in partnership with BP to operate an oil sands exploitation project in Alberta.

Husky’s Canadian midstream operations are located in the west of the country. The company owns a heavy oil upgrading operation that produces over 80,000 barrels a day of high quality synthetic oil refiners and diesel. The company also owns pipelines that cover over 2,000 km and has operated for about two decades without any incident. Husky also manages a crude oil terminal that handles 25 percent of the country’s exports to the U.S. The company also owns and manages gas storage facilities and energy generating plants. The company’s downstream section produces, sells and distributes refined oil products including their famous low-emission ethanol-blended fuel. Husky owns its own refineries in British Columbia and Alberta as well as ethanol production plants in

Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Husky also owns Husky and Mohawk gas stations across Canada that sell about three billion litres of gas a year.

What We Value
The company believes that their success is tied to the professional success of their employees. They are looking for enthusiastic people who are great team players willing to learn from others as well as teach others. Husky wants their employees to be able to professionally grow within the company to later take positions of leadership.

Work Environment
Husky Energy provides a very supportive work environment that allows its employees to continuously work on challenging projects, take initiatives and show their leadership skills. The company also offers a great choice of career growth opportunities and encourages its employees to train and advance within the corporation.

Husky provides a wide range of benefits that include a stock option plan, a tailored benefit plan, retirement savings plan, fitness and health plan, vacations, bonus opportunities, tuition aid, and various internal technical training, leadership training and business skills training programs.

Types of Positions We Hire For
Husky Energy hires at all level of the production and distribution chain from field worker to gas station manager. They also have research laboratories that hire in various scientific positions.

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