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“Honeywell (NYSE: HON) is one of the top Fortune 100 companies and a leader in the manufacturing of technologies to address the challenges linked to global mega-trends such as safety, security, and energy. With approximately 122,000 employees worldwide, including 19,000 engineers and scientists, they have an unrelenting focus on quality, results commitment, improved value through greater efficiency, community and technological innovation. Honeywell is a great place to work and they are constantly actively looking for more employees all across Canada. They offer challenging assignments and the opportunity to work with talented people from a great variety of backgrounds. They put a lot of effort in fair performance measurements and promoting strong work ethics. You will get to learn a lot by starting a career with Honeywell. They offer great employee training at all levels that focus on improved efficiency, quality and safety. They also promote continuous learning within and outside the company. They hire not only the best people but also people willing to learn, grow, and develop and reward not only improved financial results but also self-improvement.

Honeywell’s Mission is to provide the Technology Products and Business Solutions that offers the best value and impact to its clients, setting global standards of performance.

Honeywell’s Vision is to become a premier company in providing innovative comprehensive solutions and services that enhances the comfort, safety, security, energy efficiency and productivity of the environment where all of our stakeholders live, work and travel. Benefits

At Honeywell, if your work brings better results, you will also benefit from the extra cash. This company links the pay to the performance at all levels and for individual, team and business results. They believe it is only fair to their employees but also a great way to keep their business competitive. Depending on the locations Honeywell offers a variety of other benefits focused on improving their employees’ health, well being and financial security.
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This global company offers careers in the Aerospace, Transportation Systems, Automation and Control Solutions, and Specialty Materials industries. Honeywell has customers all around the world in an ever broader range of industries that focus on innovation and this will offer you dynamic and interesting career opportunities. There are also great opportunities for career advancement and career changes within Honeywell. Throughout your career you will encounter diverse, challenging assignments that span across product and job types, industries and countries. Honeywell offers careers in a great variety of occupations such as Engineers, IT, Technology Science, Business, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Administration, Human Resources, Communications, Legal, Public Relations, Government Relations, Processing, Manufacturing, Trades, Operations and more.”

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