A Consultant's Journey & Challenges in COVID times - VIDEO PODCAST

From his petroleum industry side hustle to a full-time business devastated by COVID-19 and rebuilt through digital transformation, as well as consulting with managers on how to build a better corporate culture and a strong team.

Bernie Chats with Adam Kolozetti, M.Eng, P.Eng, PMP

I connected with Adam for this free flowing chat which covers a variety of topics. Adam’s consulting company is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada’s petroleum head office capital, and he worked as an engineer in the petroleum sector for some time. Myself, I worked briefly in the oil patch as a teenager and more recently as a marketing strategist for a natural gas enterprise. Not surprisingly, we exchanged ideas on the future of the petroleum industry and the adaptation of green energy.

We also discussed Adam and his business partner, Katelyn Bullock’s founding of ENTA Solutions, initially as a side hustle turning full time six years ago.

Having lost most of their client projects as customers panicked at the start of the pandemic, we explore their journey to rebuild, transforming to digital marketing to secure new business while dealing with additional business and personal hurdles.

Adam explains some of ENTA’s business philosophies, methodologies and offerings including their team building programs which include helping companies create work place activities to strengthen corporate cultures utilizing fun activities and games like Dungeons and Dragons and Escape Room concepts.