Are there Zombies in Your Province?

If you work in Manitoba there are Zombies lurking about and you should be reporting them. At least according to Worksafe Manitoba who asked youth to watch out for Zombies in thier “Spot The Zombie” contest which ran in 2012 to help you with ‘surviving the Zombie Apocalypse!’.

Now I am not a Zombie fan. Quite frankly, the whole zombie phenomenon is one that I don’t pay attention to but when I saw this I had to write a quick post to tell you about it.

Too often larger organizations, especially governments, take a conservative approach to institutional advertising and publicity. As a result, they miss the mark and don’t get the attention they are looking for from their audience. Looks to me like Worksafe Manitoba really nailed it. They stuck their neck out and allocated some serious resources behind creating their campaign called “Spot The Zombie” which targets Manitoba’s working youth audience.

worksafe-manitoba-zombieTheir site is so untraditional that I actually had to surf around it to verify it was not a spoof site of some kind. The site even has a “Report a Zombie” feature that plots zombie sightings on a map and a “Spot the Zombie” contest.

I’m sure you’ll also be impressed when you check out their site and the zombie videos they produced.


Oh, and watch out for the Zombies!